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Protected Areas in Lebanon, an inherited legacy…


“Treat the earth well. It was not given to you by your parents. It was lent to you by your children.” - Kenyan proverb


Everyone of us has a way of preserving cherished memories. For you, it is probably a photo album where tender intimate moments are dearly kept, for others it is a small secret musical box in a dark corner of the attic. Some simply store them in their heart and close their eyes to remember the intensity of those moments.


Protected Areas are our threatened national living museums reminding us of Earth's bounty and beauty. They represent invaluable scientific treasure and economic security. Above all, they are a share of a heritage we ought to keep for future generations to enjoy.


The uniqueness of Lebanon lies in its endowment with the wealthy biodiversity of those protected areas. This inherent asset attracts nature-lovers around the world, thereby promoting the flourishing of a new form of tourism in the country – ecotourism.


Natural beauty is not formed overnight. When it might take decades of interaction between different environmental players, to build the beauty of a landscape, and one hand to easily destroy it, it requires collaborative effort to conserve and maintain the sustainability and integrity of these natural resources.


For the sake of passing on relics of our threatened patrimony to future generations, let's act before our Protected Areas turn into static photo albums on dusty library shelves.


Berj Hatjian    Ph.D.

Director General

Ministry of Environment

A protected area is "a geographically defined area which is designated or regulated and managed to achieve specific conservation objectives" - CBD definition - Hence, protected areas form the cornerstones of national and international conservation strategies by acting as refuges for species and providing space for natural evolution and future ecological restoration... [more]



Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve protects the last remaining forest community of wild apples.


This website was executed in the framework of SISPAM Project, funded by EC Life Third Countries Programme and executed by the Ministry of Environment in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

We acknowledge the participation of the Service of Protection of Urban Environment at the Ministry of Environment, Med Wet Coast Project (FFEM funded) and Protected Areas Project (GEF funded), as well as the Nature Reserve committees and management teams for the information and photos provided.  Maps and site brochures available in this website were produced in collaboration with USAID/ INMA in the framework of the "Promenade" project.


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