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19 February 2018
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Air quality degradation in Lebanon is a major public concern, affecting the health of millions of people. The Lebanese Ministry of Environment is combating the issue through the implementation of different actions and projects related to Air Pollution, Climate Change and Ozone depletion.
Many anthropogenic sources of air pollution have been controlled by the Lebanese Ministry of Environment (MoE) through its decisions 52/1 dated 1996 on “Specifications and rates relative to reducing pollution of air, water and soil” and 8/1 dated 2001 on specifications and standards related to air pollutants and waste water discharges from classified establishments and waste water treatment plants. The Ministry of Environment recently issued the circular No. 10/1 dated 2011 related to monitoring the operations of electric generators.
Currently, The Ministry of Environment is implementing the “Environmental Resources Monitoring in Lebanon - ERML” Project, funded by the government of Greece under the management of UNEP and UNDP, that aims at improving understanding of environmental quality in Lebanon and its impacts on health and ecosystems.  
Among project outputs is the implementation of a national air quality monitoring system whereby data collected provide decision-makers with reliable data to develop appropriate management programs and policies for the reduction of air pollution at the national scale.