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Project Identification




The Grant Acceptance Decree was issued on February 2013 and the project was launched on November 2013.




The Ministry of Environment would like to thank the Global Environmental Facility for partly financing this project as well as thank IUCN and WWF MedPO for their in-kind contributions to this project. Special thanks are also addressed to the team of the Division of Global Environment Facility Coordination Unit at the United Nations Environment Programme (DGEF-UNEP) for their solid and committed partnership during the project inception and implementation.




About biodiversity

Adopted from IUCN international, Available at

Biodiversity is the foundation of life on Earth. It is crucial for the functioning of ecosystems which provide us with products and services without which we couldn’t live. [more...]


Project title

Market Policy and Legislative Development for Mainstreaming the Sustainable Management of Marine and Coastal Ecosystems in Lebanon

Project number


Strategic objectives

GEF strategic long-term objective:

Strategic programme for GEF IV:         BD-SP4

Geographical scope

Lebanese Coastal Zone

Project executing organization

Ministry of Environment, Lebanon

Duration of project

36 months

Commencing: 01 November 2013

Completion: 31 October 2016






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