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:: Quarries in Lebanon | An Overview

Since its inception in 1993, the Ministry of Environment has been continually working towards achieving its core mandate through a full commitment to the health and well-being of the environment and human life. In Lebanon, the sporadic and inappropriate mining and quarrying practices coupled with a lack of environmental protection laws have resulted in serious environmental and socio-economic problems.

Nonetheless, there have been many governmental efforts aimed at organizing quarries exploitation and rehabilitation which was recently culminated in the promulgation of the Decree 8803/2002
and its amendment Decree 16456/2006 which regulates quarries exploitation and identifies the following public authorities as members of the National Council for Quarries (NCQ):


Satellite image showing  the sheer number of quarries scattered all over the Lebanese territory

Ministry of Environment
Ministry of Public Works and Transport | Directorate General of Urban Planning
Ministry of Interior and Municipalities | Directorate General of Administrations and Local Councils
Ministry of Energy and Water
Ministry of Public Health
Ministry of Defense
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Agriculture | Directorate of Rural Development
Ministry of Culture | Directorate General of Antiquity

However, different barriers still impede the implementation of a sustainable rehabilitation program, including: (a) implicit institutional  laws  and policies  that  do  not reinforce quarry management;
(b) lack of technical expertise, means and tools to evaluate and monitor quarry rehabilitation at both the private and public levels; (c) complex land tenure issues; and (d) major financial constraints due to the local socio-economical conditions.

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