No. Objectives Activities Inputs Outputs
1. Evaluate the current state of
Environmental Information Base
1.1.Mobilization of LEDO Team
1.2.Formulate Steering Committee
1.3.Identify Existing Information Base
1.4.Develop draft report on data gaps /
1.5.Advocate for a national workshop
1.6.Organise Workshop to involve / commit
       partners in evaluating information
1.7.Establish Network of Partners
1.8.Finalize Report on data gaps/redundancies
1.9. Set-up a DBMS to communicate with multi
       platforms at MoE
1.10.Draft Multi-Agency MoU
- LEDO Team
- Local Consultants
- Bleu Plan
- Int'l Consultant
- Workshop
- NGOs
- Local Partners
- Steering Committee
- Report on Data Gaps
- Networking with partners
- Protocol for Info Exchange
- Advocating LEDO
2. Establish a strategy for EIM 2.1.Identify Priority Env. & Dev. Issues
2.2.Develop Action plan to fill Data Gaps
2.3.Produce tentative list of Indicators according
       to priority issues
2.4. Develop with identified partners set of
       Indicators relevant to Lebanon
2.5.Conduct consultations to finalize Indicator's list
2.6.Calculating Indicators
2.7.Identify Electronic Network Requirements
2.8.Use remote sensing for data generation
- LEDO Team
- Int'l consultant
- training
- Blue Plan
- local Consultants
- Local partners / NGOs
- Action plan for data collection
- Contracted local parties
- Set of relevant indicators
- Proper set up to receive Data
3. Technical Assistance &
Capacity Building
3.1.Training of LEDO Team & MoE staff on
      Observatory Techniques in all aspects
3.2.Workshops / Training for partners /
      stakeholders on Indicator's Techniques
3.3.Support partners in implementing action plan
3.4.Support Tripoli Observatory
3.5.Involve MoE staff in all project activities
3.6.Involve MoE in GIS/DBMS Operations
3.7.Support MoE Staff on follow-up of National &
       International Initiatives.
- LEDO Team
- Int'l consultant
- MoE staff
- Tripoli Team
- Bleu Plan
- EC
- Trained partners
- Improved data quality
- Operational Partners
- Comprehension of Indicators'
- significance
4. Data compilation &
updated SOER
4.1.Identify info to be updated
4.2.Prepare Feasibility Study for Updating
4.3.Organise workshop to discuss SOER
4.4.Identify Resources to update SOER
4.5.Use GIS for data analysis
4.6.Update info for production of SOER
4.7.Develop economic analysis
4.8.Publish an Updated SOER
4.9.Workshop to disseminate SOER
- Local Consultants
- LEDO Team
- Short term Staff
- Local Partners
- MOE Staff
- Int'l Consultants
- NGOs
- Env Economist
- Updated SOER with economic
- analysis
5. Provide open access to Env. Information 5.1.Devise data conversion mechanism
5.2.Develop GIS based maps
5.3.Prepare geo-coding of data base
5.4.Develop web pages for LEDO
5.5.Produce publications/Media production
5.6.Develop Environmental Atlas
5.7.Produce CD ROMs
5.8.Produce hand book on developed
       indicators, their significance, and
       economic relevance
- LEDO Team
- Short term Staff
- Media specialist
- Publishing firm
- Local Consultants
- Quantitative Data
- Accessible Data
- Brochures / Reports / Awareness material
- Web Pages
- Maps
- Provision $ dissemination of
- informative data
- Environmental Atlas
- Environmental CD ROMs
6. Sustainability of LEDO 6.1.Ensure signing MoU
6.2.Provide appropriate training for MoE staff to follow up on LEDO activitie
6.3.Prepare feasibility studies for the establishment of a decentralized Monitoring Network
6.4.Improve positioning of MoE/LEDO web site over the internet.
6.5.Work on establishing an NEMC
6.6.Mobilise resources to support LEDO objectives
6.7.Organise closing workshop on findings and achievements of the LEDO
- LEDO team
- Int'l consultants
- Local consultants
- Marketing
- MoE staff
- Local partners
- Available studies for funding
- Publicity
- Trained MoE staff to sustain LEDO
7. Monitoring & Reporting 7.1.Develop Performance indicators to monitor & evaluate project activities
7.2.Prepare project inception Report
7.3.Prepare Semi Annual Report for UNDP
7.4.Prepare Semi Annual report for EC
7.5.Prepare Interim/Financial Report for EC
7.6.Prepare final Report for UNDP (APR)
7.7.Prepare final Report for EC
- LEDO Team
- MoE staff
- EC
- Progress Reports
- Financial Report
- Final Report
List of Acronyms used:

DBMS: Data Base management System
LEDO: Lebanese Environment & Development Observatory
SOER: State of the Environment Report
MoU: Memorandum of Understanding
NEMC: National Environment Monitoring Commission
UNDP: United nations Development Programme
EC: European Commission
CAS: Central Administration of Statistics
MoE: Ministry of Environment