Brief Description :

The Lebanese Environment and Development Observatory (LEDO) is one of a group of Observatories launched along the Mediterranean countries by an initiative of the Blue Plan office. The LEDO like several others is funded by the European Commission Life-Third Countries programme executed by the Ministry of Environment under the management supervision of UNDP

The scope of the Lebanese Environment and Development Observatory (LEDO) activities can vary from simple collection and publication of existing environmental information to gathering, collection, analysis, and publication of well-defined environment and environment-related development data and indicators. Although environment and development data are gradually becoming more available in Lebanon today, significant information gaps continue to exist in key environment (e.g., air and water pollution levels, industrial wastewater discharges) and development areas (e.g., costs of environmental degradation).

Therefore, in order to maximize its benefits and added value, the LEDO must act, first, as a catalyst for collection of much-needed data. This means that the LEDO will need to work with other ministries, agencies, and academic institutions to agree on a limited number of environment and development indicators, find out who's collecting what type of information necessary to estimate those indicators, and agree on who will collect the missing information to evaluate all selected indicators.

Project Objectives :

1. provide a better understanding of the situations and trends concerning the environment in Lebanon and key environment-development linkages, including the economic costs of environmental degradation;
  2. reduce gaps and redundancies in environmental data collection and analysis efforts by various public and private sector entities;
  3. supply government and non-government officials and decision-makers with objective elements of information to gear their action towards sustainable development of Lebanon; and
  4. strengthen the capabilities of the Ministry of Environment to coordinate environmental activities by various public and private sector entities and to formulate realistic environmental policies.

Time Frame & Project Team :

The above tasks should be implemented in a period of two years (24 months) effective December 1, 1999 Work Plan. The LEDO Team consists of the following staff:

Project Manager
Pollution Prevention Specialist
Natural resources Specialist
IT / GIS Specialist
Administrative Assistant